The calm during the storm

A ferocious storm system threatening biblical flooding prompted all PAX to fartsack it on Oct 6, but two brave PAX (Kodak, Hotlips) said f*ck that and posted. Sensing an opportunity to deluge the PAX, Homer felt the time was right to apply the dark art of waterboarding. Little did Homer know that the PAX swallowed all the water that was heaped on them like wide-mouth bass and swam upriver to glory with defiant grace.

1.   Butt Kicker

2.   Lunge

3.   Motivator

4.   Mosey

5.   Abe Vigoda

6.   Pull-up

7.   Yak Jump

8.   One-arm pull-up

9.   Mosey

10. Mountain Bear Crawl

11. Duck Walk

12. Rocky Balboa

13. Faux Merkin

14. Old Faithful

15. Protractor

16. Smurf Jack

17. Red Bull Rocky Balboa

18. Flutter Kicks

19. Breakdancer

20. Mount Climber

21. Freddy Mercury

22. Reverse Bear Stair Crawl

23. Super Squat Jump

24. Doomsday Clock

The 60 Second Soapbox was about Memento mori (“remember death”), a reflection on mortality that was often recited in medieval times. We can’t help but think of ourselves when our brother (Randy Faile; “Dark Visor”) passed away this week. While we never met Dark Visor we know he was committed to F3. We honor Dark Visor by working hard to keep the commitment and live the lifestyle he wanted for himself.