Project FIRE

Back by popular demand, it’s the Second Annual 2nd & 3rd Convergence Event at Project FIRE powered by @Arts and Crafts.

What: Glass blowing fundraiser and social event: $50 for blowing a glass product and making a donation; $5 cover for beer, wine and snacks; $0 if you’re fasting and just want to gawk mouth agape.

When: Sat, Sept 14, 4-6pm

Where: Project FIRE at 2651 W. Lake St. Chicago, 66012

Other:-Project FIRE is a nonprofit started by a glass artist and a clinical psychologist as a form of therapy for gunshot victims of Chicago.

-M and 2.0s invited. 2.0s over 10 years can blow glass; 2.0s under 10 years cannot

-All F3 Regions are invited (F3 Naperville, F3 Geneva, F3 Wheaton, F3 Oak Park)

-This event is capped at 20 people

Info about Project FIRE

Project FIRE combines glassblowing, mentoring, employment, and leadership opportunities for youth injured by violence.

Project FIRE Goals

1) Prevent violence in youth who are among those at the highest risk for violence through a combination of glass arts education, mentoring, and trauma-specific psychoeducation.

2) Offer youth a safe place to connect with peers facing similar struggles, and provide protective, positive, safe relationships with older youth and adults.

3) Provide a program that functions as a sustainable ecosystem that gives participating youth concrete art skills and certifications, management experience, and other social-emotional support.