Sled Hill – Evanston 7/24

4 PAX met in the gloom for a class in Coupons 101. Started with 6, within 20 min some friendly Etown resident borrowed one and left. Likely getting his or her own work in, true OYO theme for them. Congrats.

Borland, Chalupa, Escobar and YHC met for some Friday morning fun.

Warmups: Abes/Seals/OHCs. SSHs. Grass pickers. Merkins.

Mosey to soccer pitch for the coupon evolution. Partner work here. 100 count of:

Coupon merkins


Goblet swuats


Mosey-esque back to the hill for Mary. COT. Done.

Mumble chatter was high, centered around the return to school for many of our K-8 kids. Evanston has a mildly perplexing plan that many of us don’t fully understand. We’re trying to be safe while all concerned for our kids social and emotional learning, which frankly can’t be gained while at home. What’s the good mix and who has the answer? No one it turns out, we’re in this together as parents and families trying to navigate a once-in-a-lifetime situation (we hope). Life takes teamwork, it’s not just a cliche that we use in F3. Pass along the message of patience, tolerance and togetherness. We could all use a little if it these days.

LB out