F3 Evanston 7/3

5 PAX met in the gloom for round 2 of F3 Evanston, building some good momentum locally. Always exciting to bring F3 to a group of men eager to experience.



Sumo squats



Thang 1:

Partner work. Power skips, lunges, side shuffles, sprints, backward sprints, imperial walkers, all the while the partner is doing a cornucopia of merkins. Diamonds, Travoltas, Breakdancers and the standard. Ended with team burpees.

6MoM, crowd-sourced.





As promised, no hill work after a brutal week one on their new baby giraffe legs. Let the new kids get some leg strength underneath em before the Pearls on a String commence later this month.

Welcome RG3, big Dallas Cowboys & SMU fan so we thought it was only appropriate,,, Chalupa & Borland returned for more, good to see them back. One never knows which FNGs get hooked and want to return, was the beatdown too hard or not hard enough. It’s a balance, for sure. One that PAX like Denari, Homer and the other Chicago PAX who launched in Sept ’17 know all too well. One that Kodak knows as well, launching Oak Park recently and exploding onto the scene with the weekly additions of new PAX from that AO. I take my lead from these AOs and the lessons learned from these HIMs. I am honored to be able to launch Evanston with so much enthusiasm. We’re hitting a good month and the timing is perfect with all of us looking for more. Gyms & clubs are no place for me given our current situation and I think other local men are looking for something different. Let’s see how many pop in after the “holiday” weekend. Looking forward to next week, can’t wait to get more FNGs.