Wreck Center – Oak Park (Fri) 4/17


Snowing. April 17. Snowing. But not blowing and bitter.


Motivators – from 6

Imperial Walkers – 20


@RA, @Kodak – strong, steady run.

We ran just over 5 miles. YHC mixed in some sightseeing opportunities from his childhood including his paper route. We hit 2 parkways – LeMoyne and Kenilworth. IMHO the trees were beautiful (and offered plenty of social distance.)

It was a Good Morning run so each person we passed we greeted with a “Good morning!”. We got about 15 of 16. (One guy was listening to something really good on his headphones so we got no response.)

Each time we got a “Good morning” back – we did 5 SSHs.


@RA brought the coffee game – Thank you! If you need something to pass the time, the recommendation for Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast came out.


We continue to live in extraordinary times.

We are continuing to let go of how things used to be and figure out what will be.

We are continuing to find new routines to anchor us.

Let’s keep it up and play the long game here. Stay connected to people by video and phone. Don’t go radio silent!