Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 7/1

Weather conditions: 75 and Sunny

Circle up:

-Arm circles B&F 3 count

-Twinkle Toes 3 count (squat calf raises)

-Dancing Bear 4 count (raise L arm & R Leg high and switch limbs)

Thang #1: Partner up on baseline

2 sets:

A- High knees 50, lunges 50, jog back.

B- Squats ** switch when partner returns

1 set:

A- Butt Kicks 100, jog back.

B- Travolta Merkins **

1 set:

A- Power Skips 100, jog back.

B- Breakdance Merkins **

Thang #2: Merkin Mates (Push-up Partners)

Partner A completes 5 Merkins.. Partner B holds a low Merkin position.

Switch when Merkin Man completes the five.

3 rounds without stopping

Thang #3: All partners start at NE corner of field

A- Perimeter of 1/2 Field- Back Pedal to SE corner, Side Shuffle (face north) to SW corner, Sprint to NW corner, Shuffle (face south) to NE corner. ** (switch w partner)

B- Straight arm Plank

A- Perimeter of Field **

B- Elbow Plank

A- Perimeter of Field **

B- Right side Plank for half, Left side plank for second half of partners length

A- Perimeter of Field **

B- Back support Plank

A- Perimeter of Field **

B- Long Dish Hold

Finish w/ A&B together pace out length of field and back.

6 MoM:

Downward dog, child’s pose (15-20 seconds of self stretch)


Theme: Acceptance. I had to send appreciation out to the whole group for being supportive and encouraging to new members. Leadership has created a culture that encourages the men of the group to embrace newcomers. Acceptance is a key factor in the future growth and success of the F3 nation and it is very apparent F3 OP knows this. I will attempt to make my way around to each person within the group and give time to hear their story. This group inspires and motivates me to not just continually make fitness gains, but to also be a better person. Thanks for trusting/following me in my first VQ lead!

Name-o-rama: Kodak, Cutter, Chalmers, The Missionary, Vandalay, LED, Copa, Bronco, Lead Pipe, Hojo, Footloose on the Q!